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This historical cross coming from the Nordic region Skane symbolizes harmony and love.

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Cross of Skane


The civilization of the Vikings reached its height in Northern Europe from 700 to 1000 A.D. where the rough Scandinavian homelands of the Vikings very often generated ferocious people, who wanted to discover and conquer the world. With their unique longboats and superior weapons the Vikings very quickly earned their fearless reputation for conquest and even today our weekdays are named after Nordic gods and goddesses.
Most of our knowledge about the Vikings comes from Icelandic poetry. These so-called Eddas were written by gifted and highly honored poets - the Skalds - and told mythic tales which contained words of advice, prophecies and detailed family trees. Many stories are about the mighty one-eyed god Odin, living in Asgard in his big Hall Vallhalla, where dead heroes received their rewards in form of endless feasts and banquets. Although courage and loyalty were the most respected character attributes of a Viking, our Nordic ancestors also worshiped humor and the romantic complications of a great love.
Viking artists and craftsmen worked with gold, copper, silver and brass and created a very special design were metal strands were intertwined and interweaved with animal-like figures. The males of the Vikings wore bangles and pendants and their wives - who had a high position in their society and could even get a divorce from their husbands, if they didn't satisfy them - favored brooches, pendants and decorative fibulas.
The Vikings buried vast amounts of jewelry and silver objects with their dead, because they believed that these things were very useful in the life after death in Valhalla. Because of the big amounts of archaeological findings in these treasure troves today we know a lot about the motifs of the Viking era, which have also inspired this pendant.
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Cross of Skane: The cross of Skane is one example for a piece of Viking craft originating from the south of Sweden and symbolizes love and harmony. The Vikings began to visit Christian outposts and so Nordic craftsmen became acquainted with the symbol of the cross and combined it with their Nordic concept of art: Many Vikings converted in these times to Christianity when they had to see that Christian missionaries were able to destroy their pagan sanctuaries without being prosecuted by the old gods.

This jewelry is also available in copper, silver and gold

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Size:  about 2.4 cm (0.94 in) tall and also wide
Height about 3 mm (0.12 in)
Pendant bail: about 3 mm (0.12 in) in diameter
Weight:  Weight of Jewelry: 4 g (0.01 lb)
Total Weight incl. Package: 20 g (0.04 lb)
Material:  Pewter
Delivery:  on 45 cm (18 in) sturdy link chain made of silver plated metal with bolt ring/lobster clasp or black cord
in a 10.0 x 7.0 cm (3.9 x 2.8 in) fancy package
Jewelry Line Up:  Trove of Valhalla
Order number: 
Our Price:
EUR 11.50
Availability:  ships in 1-3 working days

Cross of Skane (In Gold) -
In Gold

For the given surcharge this jewelry can be manually coppered, silvered or gilded by our skilled gilder - please be aware that an extra time of 3-5 working days is needed for this service before shipping.
Furthermore we also offer this piece of jewelry in partial coppering, partial silvering or partial gilding: For the given surcharge our gilder can ennoble parts of this jewelry you select and leave the rest untreated. For this service an extra time of 5-7 working days is needed - please state your requirements in the corresponding text box.


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Cross of Skane
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This jewelry is part of the jewelry line up "Trove of Valhalla".

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This jewelry is part of the jewelry line up "Trove of Valhalla" - you can also download this line up as a printable catalogue if you want to order by fax or mail:

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About us Arrow, Mist (Page: Cross of Skane) [136 x 22 px]
A main focus of our jewelry collections are magic symbols which are made according to historical artwork. Although a lot of people (like us) appreciate the beauty of the different designs and used materials, only few think about the deeper symbolism of these pieces of jewelry. In our modern world we see so a many different beautiful and decorative items that we usually only enjoy their beauty without considering the deeper meaning or the origin of the used motives and without knowing for what reason these items were formerly used. In our online shop we want to give answers to these questions by offering accurate background knowledge and additional information about every piece of jewelry in our collection.
Since the beginning of mankind jewelry served several different purposes. Already before the invention of money it was for example used as a kind of currency, as a status symbol or as a valuable asset that even could be passed on to future generations. Many pieces of jewelry also had a functional purpose like it is the case with fastenings for clothes, safety pins and belt buckles. However, at a more spiritual level the jewelry also had a symbolic meaning, showed the affiliation to and the status in a social group, and was worn for the protection from evil or simply to show one's own taste.
On account of these many different purposes the meaning of single pieces of jewelry can be very different and depends on the belief and the point of view of the respective manufacturer. In some cultures, e.g., bracelets were used as wedding jewelry, like the wedding rings of today, in other societies necklaces served the same purpose. The symbolic meaning of a piece of jewelry often cannot only be found in the piece itself, but also in its decorations or the used materials. In some cultures it is usual to give pieces of jewelry as a gift at certain important times in life which should emphasize the symbolic meaning of these events with the help of their decorations. These pieces were then often worn as amulets or talismans and were believed to protect and support its wearer during this new situation in life.
Besides the various symbols and designs different cultures use for their pieces of jewelry also a variety of materials are deployed in jewelry production. At the beginning of mankind primarily pearls made of wood and bones and shells were crafted to pendants, since these rather soft materials could easily be processed and were readily available. Later on especially precious metals like gold and silver and various gems were used for valuable jewelry. Today the selection of materials available for the production of jewelry is especially large and various.
The item on this page http://www.aval
is a good example for jewelry showing a symbolism that was achieved in a very special way. If you want to point to this page you can use the following information about our website and the page itself:
  • Website: Our short desription is "www.AvalonsTrea"

  • Page: This historical cross coming from the Nordic region Skane symbolizes love and harmony.
We always try hard to add new jewelry designs to our range of products that are skillfully made and have a special meaning, because we want to offer our customers pieces of jewelry which are something special due to their symbolism and their beauty. Furthermore we try to take into consideration all cultures and epochs, so that everybody can find his quite unique piece of jewelry at our shop.

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