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This pendant is the mystical key to King Solomon's concealed knowledge and lores.

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Key of Solomon


Forbidden Pendants - AMirror of our Soul:
This "forbidden" pendant combines archetypical pictures with sigils and seals imaged in old grimoires to create a very special magic talisman. This way it is a key to our subconsciousness and even the word "forbidden" itself lures us to the more magic, mystic and darker aspects of our soul which we often, contingent upon society, reject as pure fantasy.
The Pendant Key of Solomon:
This magic pendant symbolizes the key to King Solomon's secret lores and his concealed knowledge. Solomon is told to be the author of the Ars Goetia, a magic grimoire, which is also known as "The Key of Solomon" and which contains very powerful spells for the conjuration of demons. This pendant is said to grant the power of magic to its wearer and to reveal the wisdom of the biblical king.
Example of a Charging Ritual from an old Grimoire:
1. Pentagrammon:
The sign you want to charge shall carry a pentagram so that its five points can establish contact to the elemental energies of fire, water, earth, air and spirit, thus protecting you from dark powers and keeping them away from the ritual itself.
Before casting the spell you’ll have to wear the sign for some time to get familiar with the pentagram's magic energies.
2. Preparatio (Preparation):
In a quiet room cover a table with a white tablecloth and keep ready incense cones or joss sticks, a white candle in a candle holder, a glass of water and a dash of salt.
Make sure you will not be disturbed and black out the room: Put the glass of water, the white candle and the incense in the middle of the table, then ignite the candle and the incense and place the sign next to them. Now close your eyes and meditate for some minutes over the meaning of the sign and thereby imagine its effects as clearly as possible.
3. Purificatio (Cleaning):
Move the sign through the smoke of the incense - thereby it is purified by the element air. Then hold it above the flame of the candle - thereby it is purified by the element fire. Now take a dash of salt, put it in the water and imagine how the glass is filled by a golden light. Sprinkle the sign with the water and imagine that it starts to shine golden too - thereby it is purified by the element water. Finally disperse some salt over the sign - thereby it is purified by the element earth.
4. Potestatem Facere (Charging):
Take a seat, close your eyes and hold the sign in your hand. Imagine a glowing sphere, consisting of shining white light, just right above you - feel the power and size of this sphere. Visualize a beam of golden light emitting from the sphere, going through your head right to your solar plexus, thus filling your whole body with this golden light which warms and strengthens you. Imagine once again the meaning and effects of your sign and let the light flow through your arm into your hand and from there into your sign.
5. Salvatio (Reorientation):
Recover for some minutes and take a meal or have a drink to lead your body back into this world. The magic charge of your sign will remain as long as you keep it within your aura.
6. Exoneratio (Discharging):
Your charged sign is a powerful symbol which is able to sometimes cause unintended strong changes. If this happens you can discharge it by putting the sign under running water for a couple of minutes while imagining the energy streaming out of it.
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Size:  about 4.6 cm (1.81 in) tall and 1.4 cm (0.55 in) wide
Height about 2 mm (0.08 in)
Pendant bail: about 3 mm (0.12 in) in diameter
Weight:  Weight of Jewelry: 2 g (0.01 lb)
Total Weight incl. Package: 15 g (0.03 lb)
Material:  pewter, embellished with silver and gold
Delivery:  on 45 cm (18 in) sturdy link chain made of silver plated metal with bolt ring/lobster clasp
in a 12.0 x 8.0 cm (4.7 x 3.1 in) padded black velvet pouch
Jewelry Line Up:  Forbidden
Order number: 
Our Price:
EUR 16.70
Availability:  ships in 1-3 working days

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Key of Solomon
Pendant Arrow, Mist (Page: Key of Solomon) [136 x 22 px]

This jewelry is part of the jewelry line up "Forbidden".

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About us Arrow, Mist (Page: Key of Solomon) [136 x 22 px]
A main focus of our jewelry collections are magic symbols which are made according to historical artwork. Although a lot of people (like us) appreciate the beauty of the different designs and used materials, only few think about the deeper symbolism of these pieces of jewelry. In our modern world we see so a many different beautiful and decorative items that we usually only enjoy their beauty without considering the deeper meaning or the origin of the used motives and without knowing for what reason these items were formerly used. In our online shop we want to give answers to these questions by offering accurate background knowledge and additional information about every piece of jewelry in our collection.
Jewelry always had various functions which changed during the course of time: Because of the precious materials that were often used for its design it often was a valuable asset and sometime was even used as a currency. But especially in ancient cultures the spiritual meaning of a piece of jewelry was always important and the different motifs were symbols for the affiliation of its wearer to and his status in a social group. Furthermore jewelry can also serve a practical purpose like this is the case with safety pins, belt buckles and brooches.
On account of these many different purposes the meaning of single pieces of jewelry can be very different and depends on the belief and the point of view of the respective manufacturer. In some cultures, e.g., bracelets were used as wedding jewelry, like the wedding rings of today, in other societies necklaces served the same purpose. The symbolic meaning of a piece of jewelry often cannot only be found in the piece itself, but also in its decorations or the used materials. In some cultures it is usual to give pieces of jewelry as a gift at certain important times in life which should emphasize the symbolic meaning of these events with the help of their decorations. These pieces were then often worn as amulets or talismans and were believed to protect and support its wearer during this new situation in life.
Not only the used symbols and decorations differ strongly between the cultures - a huge number of different materials were also used in the course of time. In the beginnings especially shells and pearls of wood and bone were used, because these natural materials were readily available and could easily be processed. Later the precious metals silver and gold became more and more important and also the use of precious stones increased. Nowadays all possible materials are used to underline the meaning of a piece of jewelry even further thereby creating pendants and other jewelry that could not be designed using traditional materials.
Also the piece of jewelry on this page http://www.aval
shows a unique combination of material and symbolism. This is the information about our website and this page if you want to point to it:
  • Website: Our short information is "Online Shop for Gems"
  • Page: This pendant is the mystical key to King Solomon's lores and concealed knowledge.
We feel committed to the historical development of jewelry and are especially interested in the meaning of old symbols and pieces of jewelry - therefore we try to constantly extend our range of jewelry with pieces that are unique in their beauty and meaning. Naturally we select fascinating designs from all cultures and epochs, so that everybody can find the piece of jewelry that appeals to him.

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