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Sword of Nuada - Pendant

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Perseverance and success in life are bestowed by the extraordinary Sword of Nuada.

Avalon's Treasury - Jewelry, Gems & Minerals

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Sword of Nuada


The famous Celts were the legendary ancestors of the Englishmen who passed on most of their stories and myths only by oral tradition, so that only pieces of their legends and tales lasted till today. The most we know about them comes from their objects of art they left behind - cave paintings, items consisting of metal and in rare cases famous writings like the Book of Kells tell about a big culture.
Celtic art made its way from England and Ireland to Europe in the years from 100 B.C. to 900 A.D. The most popular motives were animals, spirals, knots, key patterns and intertwined figures, all symbols of Celtic religion and their belief in magic, unity, eternity and the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. For the Celts the material and the spiritual world were merging seamlessly, because they saw no difference between natural and supernatural reality and magic was an inherent part of every day life.
Horses were an important part of the Celtic culture and the Welsh Goddess of Horses Rhiannon was therefore especially worshipped - her name is derived from Rigantona meaning "The Great High Queen". Stories about Rhiannon can be found in the medieval collection of legends Mabinogion and according to ancient belief the blessings of Rhiannon are said to grant fertility and abundance.
This piece of jewelry was inspired by Celtic art and magic and is dedicated to the legends of Rhiannon - it therefore possesses qualities that were admired by the ancient Celts and that they wanted to attract into their lifes by wearing similar charms and talismans. Jewelry of this collection therefore can enrich and transform our life since the Celtic magic of the goddess Rhiannon is potent until today.
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Sword of Nuada: This weapon has been brought to the Isle by the Túatha Dé Danann, the original Gods of Ireland, together with three other magic items. The three other items were a stone from the region of Fal which could identify the true king by contact, the invincible Spear of Lugh, God of all Arts, and the kettle of Godfather Dagda which never became empty. The Sword of Nuada was absolutely deadly for opponents and no enemy could escape its strokes. Nuada was an important Celtic god who at first ruled as a human patriarch over Ireland and then after his death in a battle against the demonic Fomorians was carried away as a god into the kingdom of the fairies. His victory over two dragons, who were fighting each other in earth's interior, has become legendary - he set them at ease by pouring vast amounts of mead on them through a just for this purpose dug tunnel. Hence, this pendant showing the Sword of Nuada is said to grant its wearer endurance and success in life.

This jewelry is also available in gold

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Size:  about 4.4 cm (1.73 in) tall and 1.1 cm (0.43 in) wide
Height about 1 mm (0.04 in)
Pendant bail: about 3 mm (0.12 in) in diameter
Weight:  15 g (0.03 lb)
Material:  Sterling Silver (stamped 925)
Delivery:  without chain or strap in a 10.0 x 7.0 cm (3.9 x 2.8 in) fancy package
Jewelry Line Up:  Legends of Rhiannon
Order number: 
Our Price:
EUR 19.80
Availability:  ships in 1-3 working days

For the given surcharge this jewelry can be manually gilded by our skilled gilder - please be aware that an extra time of 3-5 working days is needed for this service before shipping.
For the given surcharge we furthermore also offer this piece of jewelry in partial gilding: Please state in the corresponding text box which parts of the jewelry shall be ennobled by our gilder and which are to be left untreated - an extra time of 5-7 working days is needed for this service.


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Sword of Nuada

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This jewelry belongs to the jewelry line up "Legends of Rhiannon".

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Legends of Rhiannon

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This jewelry is part of the jewelry line up "Legends of Rhiannon" - you can also download this line up as a printable catalogue if you want to order by fax or mail:

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About us

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A main focus of our jewelry collections are magic symbols which are made according to historical artwork. Although a lot of people (like us) appreciate the beauty of the different designs and used materials, only few think about the deeper symbolism of these pieces of jewelry. In our modern world we see so a many different beautiful and decorative items that we usually only enjoy their beauty without considering the deeper meaning or the origin of the used motives and without knowing for what reason these items were formerly used. In our online shop we want to give answers to these questions by offering accurate background knowledge and additional information about every piece of jewelry in our collection.
Jewelry always had various functions which changed during the course of time: Because of the precious materials that were often used for its design it often was a valuable asset and sometime was even used as a currency. But especially in ancient cultures the spiritual meaning of a piece of jewelry was always important and the different motifs were symbols for the affiliation of its wearer to and his status in a social group. Furthermore jewelry can also serve a practical purpose like this is the case with safety pins, belt buckles and brooches.
Since jewelry is such a diverse cultural asset the meaning of a given piece can depend on the point of view and beliefs of its creator. For example many cultures developed pieces of jewelry showing to others whether its wearer is married or single: In our Western world these are the wedding rings while in African countries e.g. special bracelets or necklaces are worn for this purpose. Whether we are talking about weddings jewelry or talismans and amulets that were used for protection - often the decorations and materials determine the symbolic meaning of a piece of jewelry.
Not only the used symbols and decorations differ strongly between the cultures - a huge number of different materials were also used in the course of time. In the beginnings especially shells and pearls of wood and bone were used, because these natural materials were readily available and could easily be processed. Later the precious metals silver and gold became more and more important and also the use of precious stones increased. Nowadays all possible materials are used to underline the meaning of a piece of jewelry even further thereby creating pendants and other jewelry that could not be designed using traditional materials.
The item on this page http://www.aval
is a good example for jewelry showing a symbolism that was achieved in a very special way. If you want to point to this page you can use the following information about our website and the page itself:
  • Website: Our short desription is "Online Shop for Jewelry"
  • Page: This pendant depicting the Sword of Nuada bestows success in life and endurance.
We feel committed to the historical development of jewelry and are especially interested in the meaning of old symbols and pieces of jewelry - therefore we try to constantly extend our range of jewelry with pieces that are unique in their beauty and meaning. Naturally we select fascinating designs from all cultures and epochs, so that everybody can find the piece of jewelry that appeals to him.

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