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The ancient symbols depicted on this medieval charm help in reaching one's goals.

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Medieval Charm


According to old belief amulets and talismans are tools to trigger changes in life. Old grimoires contain instructions on how to build these charms in a way so that they can use positive planetary energies to fulfil their purpose. For this talismans transfer positive powers while amulets grant protection by absorbing negative energies.
The biblical king Solomon established the Jewish secret doctrine of Kabbalah and his wisdom is the foundation of all western magic until today. 3000 years ago he wrote the magic book "Key of Solomon" - also this talisman is built according to these magic instructions.
This old talisman originates from the "Key of Solomon" - in medieval times this charm has been extended using Christian symbols. Formerly this medieval charm was worn to quickly reach one's goals and wishes. It is divided into four areas by a cross and is dedicated to the four directions. At the left side of the cross there are two crossbars, symbolizing the roots of a tree, whereas at the right side a sling can be seen which is a symbol for the tree crown. The crossbar of the main cross thereby becomes in itself a tree which is deeply rooted in the material world. In the lower left area of the talisman a magic symbol is placed which is said to motivate the wearer of this pendant to great deeds. A small orb is arranged at the right side of the tree symbolizing the connection of the mundane with the divine. Finally a horseshoe-nail is shown in the lower right area which is said to enhance the wearer's constancy. At its topmost location the main cross has a crossbar thus symbolizing the cross of Christ.
Among other things medieval knights of the 16th century carried this magic talisman as a fortune charm on their belts. It was popular because according to old belief it was not necessary to charge these kabbalalistic pendants - the correct choice of symbols and materials was everything needed for the talisman to work. The knights therefore used this pendant not only as jewelry but also as an aid to achieve changes in their lives.
This pendant is made of brass and copper. The brass, a copper zinc alloy, is responsible for the yellow golden parts of this piece of jewelry and the copper for the red golden ones. With the exception of gold copper is the only colored metal and just like silver and gold it is classified as a precious metal. Due to its softness and malleableness copper is particularly suitable for the jewelry production.
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Size:  about 2.4 cm (0.95 in) in diameter
Height about 1 mm (0.04 in)
Pendant bail: about 5 mm (0.20 in) in diameter
Weight:  Weight of Jewelry: 5 g (0.01 lb)
Total Weight incl. Package: 10 g (0.02 lb)
Material:  Copper and Brass
Delivery:  without chain or strap in a 8.5 x 6.0 cm (3.3 x 2.4 in) fancy package
Jewelry Line Up:  Fortune Charms
Order number: 
Our Price:
EUR 7.70
Availability:  ships in 1-3 working days

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Medieval Charm
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A main focus of our jewelry collections are magic symbols which are made according to historical artwork. Although a lot of people (like us) appreciate the beauty of the different designs and used materials, only few think about the deeper symbolism of these pieces of jewelry. In our modern world we see so a many different beautiful and decorative items that we usually only enjoy their beauty without considering the deeper meaning or the origin of the used motives and without knowing for what reason these items were formerly used. In our online shop we want to give answers to these questions by offering accurate background knowledge and additional information about every piece of jewelry in our collection.
Since the beginning of mankind jewelry served several different purposes. Already before the invention of money it was for example used as a kind of currency, as a status symbol or as a valuable asset that even could be passed on to future generations. Many pieces of jewelry also had a functional purpose like it is the case with fastenings for clothes, safety pins and belt buckles. However, at a more spiritual level the jewelry also had a symbolic meaning, showed the affiliation to and the status in a social group, and was worn for the protection from evil or simply to show one's own taste.
Since jewelry is such a diverse cultural asset the meaning of a given piece can depend on the point of view and beliefs of its creator. For example many cultures developed pieces of jewelry showing to others whether its wearer is married or single: In our Western world these are the wedding rings while in African countries e.g. special bracelets or necklaces are worn for this purpose. Whether we are talking about weddings jewelry or talismans and amulets that were used for protection - often the decorations and materials determine the symbolic meaning of a piece of jewelry.
Besides the various symbols and designs different cultures use for their pieces of jewelry also a variety of materials are deployed in jewelry production. At the beginning of mankind primarily pearls made of wood and bones and shells were crafted to pendants, since these rather soft materials could easily be processed and were readily available. Later on especially precious metals like gold and silver and various gems were used for valuable jewelry. Today the selection of materials available for the production of jewelry is especially large and various.
The item on this page http://www.aval
is a good example for jewelry showing a symbolism that was achieved in a very special way. If you want to point to this page you can use the following information about our website and the page itself:
  • Website: Our short information is "Webshop for Jewelry, Gems & Minerals"
  • Page: According to old believes this medieval charm helps in reaching one's personal goals.
We feel committed to the historical development of jewelry and are especially interested in the meaning of old symbols and pieces of jewelry - therefore we try to constantly extend our range of jewelry with pieces that are unique in their beauty and meaning. Naturally we select fascinating designs from all cultures and epochs, so that everybody can find the piece of jewelry that appeals to him.

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